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Title: Adventures of 'The Impala'
Author: [ profile] allopen 
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~1,100
Summary: There is another vessel coming their way.
Notes: Pirates!AU for [ profile] xela_fic 

So, it wasn't always like that.

When Dean is in the mood (and he rarely is, so Sam can't be blamed for not knowing much), he sometimes talks about the home they had, in a place called Lawrence, Kansas. Mom stayed at home, Dad went to work and the two of them played together.

They were a happy family.

Then It happened.

Dad stole a ship, brought his sons on board and taught them everything he knew, from the things that goes bump into the night to the tricks of the pirate trade. From then on, the Winchesters were known as hunters and pirates, ruthless and callous to every vessel they come across.

Dad never called himself a pirate, at least not in front of Sam and Dean. They simply sailed from port to port, killing every evil supernatural thing that came their way.

Sam and Dean grew up at sea, touching land only when there was something to kill or when there were rumors of that yellow-eyed son of a bitch. Sam, never having a home on land before, longed for one. He left for the University when he turned 18, leaving Dad and Dean behind.

In Sam's third year, Dean docked 'The Impala' at a port near the University, and the rest is history.


"Hey, uh, Dean, I think that's another ship coming right at us."

Dean picked up his scope, and barely managed to stifle a groan when Sam's words proved true. They had already looted two today, but they definitely could not ignore the one that was sending itself straight to their door… ship, whatever.

Plus, Dean would bet that half the crew has already spotted it. It would only cause trouble if they chose to ignore such an obvious target.

Sometimes, Dean really hated being the co-captain on a pirate ship, leading a bunch of rogue men who barely respect the authority he had over them.

"Yes, I see it," Dean turned towards Sam, who had begun to lay down maps and blueprints.

"It's a fairly small vessel," Sam said, "no doubt belonging to one of the many lords. I don't recognize the crest, but it doesn't matter. Such ships, well, they are usually for pleasure and employ very few crew members."

"So we should be able to overpower them quickly?"

"Probably," Sam said.

Dean nodded.

"Right then," Dean said. "Let's do it!"


They hid behind some rocks and the lingering morning mist, flags down and still. The vessel was still travelling full speed ahead, unaware of the danger that lay before them.

When their portside came within reach of a throw, the first roar began, and their flags were rapidly raised. Men were struggling on deck, pulling the vessel as close to 'The Impala' as possible. Just as their sterns touched, a package was thrown abroad, and many scattered in fear of an explosion.

Taking advantage of the crew's distraction, the unknown vessel began their counterattack and was soon freed from the grasp of 'The Impala'. Dean barely managed to get the vessel's name, catching only the G-E-L as the vessel moved away.

They soon traveled faster than Dean's ship can follow, so he tells the men to stop their chase. After all, two raids in one day was already better than their usual average.

Then the bundle made a sound, and there were signs of a struggle.

Today simply isn't Dean's day.

Dean just hoped that it wasn't some heir to some title in a far off land. He doesn't want to see land for a while, not after what just went down with the Devil's Gate.


So, it turned out that Castiel was an heir to the title of some far off land, but he had no interest in touching ground any earlier than the co-captains of 'The Impala'.

Politics were especially rife at court that season, and Castiel had no wish to participate in the petty squabbles of the nobles.

Dean set him to work below deck, helping the cook, because no man got food without work on his ship. And they definitely weren't turning away willing labor.

But then he almost set the kitchen on fire after the first hour, so Dean put him to work as deck hands.

Well, let's just say that didn't work out so well either.

Dean eventually placed Castiel firmly beside him, far from any members of the crew.

Night fell, and the crew cautiously welcomed a new member to the pirating life. It took a question from Andy, the navigator, for Dean to realise he had one final problem to solve.

"Eh, captains, so where's Cas gonna sleep?"

Dean turned to Sam, the question in his mind clear as day on his face.

See, the thing is, Sam and Dean shared a bed. In every way. There was nothing that was meant to be done between two adults on a bed that they hadn't done.

They could argue about what was natural and what wasn't all day, but they made peace with their relationship long ago. It wasn't a sin to love, and love each other they did.

Of course, the crew didn't know (though Sam thinks that Bobby may suspect), and they had two beds in the captain's cabin.

The crew's quarters were filled this trip, rare but not unheard of. They wouldn't be sending anyone off for at least a month, and it is at least 15 days before they would touch any ground.

So, they have a free bed they don't know how to offer up.

Until Sam said, "Hey, rich boy, you'll sleep on our floor tonight," and Dean knew that he loves Sam for more than just his hot body or geeky attitude. His brother was such a genius at times.


So Castiel slept on the extra bed, and they traded his comfort for his silence.

Eventually, it turned out that he was even more open to new experiences than they were, and it was no surprise to the three of them when Castiel took over Bobby's job as first mate when Bobby retired.

Rumors of the crew of 'The Impala' spoke of a pair of hardworking co-captains, and their hardcore first mate who slept with the motion of the sea every night.

It was said that the Winchesters captured a nobleman’s son, forced him to work for them. They worked him to his death, and he never returned home.

Castiel never returned to claim his title.